Starting your investment journey…A beginner’s guide

Almost all of us, at some point of time start working and earning money. Most of us continue doing it till the age of our retirement and may be after that. A proper planning of the earned money will make us financially secure. Most of us do not have much knowledge about investment and managing […]

Sikki Craft…The Women’s Craft of Bihar

The Bihar state of India has been a center of art and culture since ancient times. It had been a home to various kinds of crafts.One such craft using grass is about thousands of years old and is called Sikki craft. It is a very eco-friendly craft and the humble grass is used to make […]

Masks of Bengal…a popular prop in Bengali culture

During a visit to the Indian museum in Kolkata, I came across a gallery on masks. The gallery was recently opened after renovation and showcased masks from different regions of West Bengal and the adjoining states. The gallery had a good collection of different varieties of masks. The masks have been very important part of […]


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