Why Coaching Institutes in India are turning into depression centers ?


In recent times,It is seen that the coaching institutes for competitive exams are growing in large numbers in almost all places in India.Some cities like Kota,Delhi etc have evolved and being branded as competitive exam preparation hubs.The schools are slowly being termed as just centers for acquiring degrees and not knowledge.It is believed that it is difficult for a teacher to look after all the students properly in school.Further,it is being felt that the student’s time is not being utilized after school.Therefore,To maximize the potential of students and to let them have a competitive advantage,Coaching institutes are being encouraged.

The rise of Coaching Institutes

Since,the demand of coaching institutes have become high,there is cut throat competition among the institutes.Each coaching institute is trying to surpass other in terms of better results.It has lead to various malpractices.It is seen that various coaching institutes use the name of successful candidates for showcasing their own performances,even though the candidates were related to them for a very short time or not related at all in actual manner and exist only on papers.The parents of students usually select the coaching institutes by checking their (coaching institute’s) performances based on advertisements and without properly verifying the actual facts.

It is only when the students join the institutes that they come to know about the ground realities.They had joined thinking that the coaching institute will help them improve their potential.However,they see that most of its part is purely commercial.Some institutes create separate batches depending on the performances of the students for which the teachers are also different.Most of the institutes stress more on the students who perform well in the internal exams and use the weak students to just finance the institute.

The problem just does not stop here.Most institutes start to change the native ways of studying of meritorious students so that the other weak students also get benefited from them which will reduce the burden on coaching institutes.As a result,the thought process of meritorious students also gets changed and they also start thinking like weak students which affects negatively their aptitude and attitude.

In the competitive exams,Too much stress is given on the fundamental concepts and aptitude of the the candidates.This fundamental concepts and aptitude cannot be learnt or taught in a few days  but requires a thorough hard work by studying regularly in the proper conditions with the right attitude.Therefore,There is not too much contribution of the coaching institutes in the success of students and students succeed mostly by their own hard work which they have been doing in some way or the other since their childhood.There may be a few exceptions but coaching institute’s role remain limited to just providing the candidates with some exposure to the pattern of entrance exams,syllabus,problem solving practice,revision etc.

To prove this fact wrong,most of the institutes indulge into spreading propaganda and start filling hatred towards the existing school based education even though they also follow similar method of teaching.Some points used against the schools are like schools are just waste of time,when questions are asked only from few subjects,why should someone waste their time on extra subjects in school,the extra subjects taught in school have no job value etc.Since,the school is already proved bad in the eyes of students,so they leave school and go directly to the coaching institutes and pay double for learning the same thing.They use school to just gain the degrees/certificates which will help them in going to advanced classes.


Neglecting School Increases depression.

Not going to school is actually the major reason for depression.When students are in school,they talk on various issues,play,work on extra curricular activities,do various routine activities etc. In coaching institutes,they remain mostly restricted to the subjects of the competitive exams and that too, under extreme stress. In the school,apart from the subjects related to the competitive exams,students also learn about various other extra/elective subjects.These other subjects may look irrelevant to the competitive exams,but these are the subjects which actually keep the students free from stress and any other mental pressure.  These extra subjects are mostly creative in nature due to which there is less pressure on the students.These subjects enable the students to utilise both their right and left side of the brain properly.Students who do not go to school regularly are not able to use their right side of brain effectively and they get depressed very easily.

It is also seen that there is lot of pressure on the students in the coaching institutes.Most of the times,they are either in the school or their coaching institutes.They have to work on the various assignments of school as well as the coaching institutes.Sometimes,they also have to run for classes of different subjects in different coaching institutes located at different places,even at odd times of the day.Therefore,they always feel short of time and hence do not get proper time for recreation.It makes them cut off from friends and family,thereby increasing their depression even more.

Apart from these things,the coaching institutes themselves are very stressful in nature.The institutes course material is generally very rigorous,much of it is often not required, which takes a lot out of the students.Just to show that the institutes are providing more than other institutes,often the course material is expanded by adding very advanced topics which are generally not required from the examination point of view.The frequent tests adds even more stress among the students.Further,There are some students in the class,who are repeating the coaching as they did not qualify last year.These students already know various advanced topics but their presence makes the fresher students feel inferior as the repeaters tend to solve the problems very quickly in the class even though nothing seems to be wrong of the freshers.

The peer and parent’s pressure adds even more to their depression levels.The few intelligent students learn to somehow cope with it,but the majority weak students cannot bear it.Even,the intelligent students are shown lucrative dreams of their success which gets shattered once they join after they succeed the exams.They start getting depressed after qualifying some of the toughest exams.Some of them are not able to develop their soft skills which makes them difficult to crack job interviews.

Its high time that people should be  aware that a holistic life is always required,specially among the students.The coaching students should be discouraged and responsibility of schools should be increased for development of the students.The coaching institutes should make their curriculum so that the student is not cut off from the society and also develops his personality apart from only intellectual knowledge. 

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